Sarah posted the transcript from yesterday’s chat with Angela. You can read it here.

My favorite part from the transcript ;)

sarah_theofficechat: HAve you ever head of the site
sarah_theofficechat: This next question is from them :)
Angela_Kinsey: not until today! I just saw it as one of your users!
Angela_Kinsey: wow!
sarah_theofficechat: They are here now
sarah_theofficechat: :)
Angela_Kinsey: hello!
Angela_Kinsey: thanks for your support
sarah_theofficechat: here is her question
sarah_theofficechat: Ileana from Is there an actor/actress you have always wanted to work with?
Angela_Kinsey: hmm there are so many running through my head right now..
sarah_theofficechat: pick two if you can
Angela_Kinsey:  I know it sounds cliche, but Meryl Streep would probably rock my world
sarah_theofficechat: good one
Angela_Kinsey: she kills me
sarah_theofficechat: she is GREAT
Angela_Kinsey: Brad Pitt
Angela_Kinsey: hahaha

Read the rest here!

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