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About the show:

Two contestants are transported from their everyday lives into a once-in-a-lifetime night of fun and celebration as they step beyond the velvet rope and rub shoulders with some of their favorite celebrities and compete for the chance to win up to $25,000.

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Angela Kinsey

From IHaveCat.com:

I’m excited to announce that today’s Cat Woman Wednesday is Angela KinseyAngela is best known for playing the role of the truly crazy cat lady Angela Martin-Schrute on “The Office.” It turns out that the “real” Angela is an animal lover too and has a cat and two dogs (the second being a very recent addition). I hope you enjoy my interview with Angela, I think you’ll see her quirky, fun-loving personality really come through!”

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Angela in Hulu’s original series ‘Hotwives of Orlando’

From EntertainmentWeekly.com:

NeNe Leakes better watch her back. Some new housewives are taking over the south — and these women are hot. 

The Hotwives of Orlando, that is. Paramount Digital Entertainment, the studio behind Burning Love, and Hulu are teaming up to produce the parody series starring Casey Wilson and Angela Kinsey. Comedian Paul Scheer likes to see himself as the Andy Cohen of it all, producing for Paramount with Jonathan Stern and even appearing on the show in a reunion episode. It’s no surprise to anyone who knows Scheer, who admits to being a diehard Housewife fan and watching the Bravo shows religiously with his wife. (For the record, Beverly Hills and Atlanta are his favorite cities.) “When I see something I really like, I want to do that,” Scheer tells EW. Scheer is no stranger to parody, having appeared on three seasons of NTSF:SD:SUV on Adult Swim and his “Arscheerio Paul” character, a send up to late-night host Arsenio Hall.

The inaugural season of Hotwives takes us inside the uber-exclusive and glamorous world of six hot housewives livin’ large in Central Florida’s sexiest city, Orlando.  The show follows a cast of ladies as they fight over pretty much everything except for their love of shoes, plastic surgery, and the pursuit of spending all of their husbands’ money. Scheer was inspired after seeing writers Danielle Schneider (who also appears on the show) and Donna Furman perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in black turtlenecks, interpreting words from some of Bravo’s housewives into dramatic monologues. But Scheer is sure that people who aren’t familiar with the original show can enjoy these hot wives too. “It’s super funny. These characters are already so outlandish that when you add comedy to it, it makes it bigger. I don’t think it matters if you’re a fan or not. You will get it.”

Check out the show’s trailer exclusively on EW, below:

Orlando was picked as the show’s location because it’s “a perfect city that exemplifies trash,” Sheer says. In addition to Scheer, Wilson (Happy Endings), and Kinsey (The Office), the cast includes Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords), Tymberlee Hill (Drunk History), and Andrea Savage (Step Brothers) with special appearances by Kate Walsh (Private Practice), Weird Al Yankovic (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), Joey McIntyre (The Heat), Stephen Tobolowsky (Glee), and many more. As for hopping on the streaming series bandwagon, Scheer is excited to be a part of the emerging trend, noting it took years for people to completely catch on to cable networks. “There’s been a change in the last year. In terms of pitching to a network, Hulu is no different than FX or Comedy Central. They are all the same.”

The show is almost a full-circle moment for Scheer, who credits himself with being a part of the Bravo housewife franchise history. Scheer and his wife were members of the first audience for Cohen’s late night show Watch What Happens Live! with guest Joan Rivers because a writer friend had invited them to the set. Scheer said he was enjoying himself so much and that the energy was so positive in the room, Cohen decided he would have an audience every night there after.

Scheer is now working on a new original project for ABC. But he knows where his heart will always lie. “Maybe one day, somebody will parody me.”

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Angela on The Friskies and Grumpy Cat

From SheKnows Entertainment:


The Office‘s Angela Kinsey is taking part in The Friskies — the major award for the best cat videos of the year — handing out the Lifetime Achievement Award to none other than Grumpy Cat. Find out what she had to say not only about the event and her love for cats, but having to lick one at one time, too.

SheKnows: You’ve been pretty busy lately, with TV appearances, films and The Friskies. Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming film All Stars?

Angela Kinsey: I worked with an amazing group of actors, including John Goodman and Mary Lynn Rajskub. It’s about a girls’ Little League softball. The girls are all normal, and the parents are all insane. It was really fun; we had a great time.

SK: What about The Friskies are you most excited about?

AK: We found out Michael Ian Black would be hosting it, and I was laughing so hard because I love him, and I clearly love cats. I spent nine years playing the cat lady. And I was like, oh my god, you and cat videos? I’m in. It’s been so much fun; he’s been cracking me up all morning.

And, this event is close to my heart. Friskies donates tons of food and assistance to about 20 rescue organizations for cats. My cat is a rescue, and so is my dog. So it’s a win-win to do something fun like this and also know that you’re helping out with animals, too.

It’s nice, too, because they’re streaming The Friskies live tonight, and the fans can vote all day today for their favorite.

SK: So is Michael a cat guy? How did that come about?

AK: Michael has a cat named Alfalfa that I take photos of. Plus, he’s just great at hosting.

SK: What was your favorite cat video this year?

AK: That’s really hard! I’m psyched tonight because I’m giving the Lifetime Achievement Award to Grumpy Cat. Every time they show a shot of Grumpy Cat, I can’t take it! I just can’t wait to meet this cat. My favorite ones are anything to do with a cat and a printer; I can watch that over and over.

SK: What’s the craziest cat-lady thing you’ve ever done?

AK: Well, that happened during the filming of The Office. They told me I didn’t have to lick the cat’s face, and then when we were filming, they were like, “We’re going to be really close on you.” And I knew it! It was three takes in a row of full-on licking this cat’s face. That’s how much I love my craft. That almost tops anything I’ve ever had to do with a cat.

SK: How many cats did you work with or go through while filming The Office?

AK: There was a time when I went back home between takes and there were about 15 cats at any given time.

SK: Why are cats better than dogs?

AK: Cats are more interesting, let’s face it. Dogs are loveable and a bit boring. But I love them both.

SK: What’s been the highlight of post-Office life?

AK: Being a mom.

Angela on ‘The Couch’

Angela stopped by ‘The Couch’ with actor Michael Ian Black to talk about the Friskies:

NEW YORK (WLNY) Cat videos can be found in every corner of the Internet, so it’s no surprise that there is an award show dedicated to felines.

Actors Michael Ian Black and Angela Kinsey joined The Couch to tell us more about the Second Annual Friskies Award Show.

On Tuesday, Michael is hosting “The Friskies,” the major award for the best cat videos of the year, and Angela is presenting Grumpy Cat with her first Lifetime Achievement Award.

Angela to present at The Friskies Internet Cat Video Awards

Angela will be presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Internet sensation Grumpy Cat at The Friskies Internet Cat Video Awards, which will stream live on October 15 at 7 p.m. ET on TheFriskies.com:

Fans of felines frolicking online can tune in to a special event this Tuesday, when “The Friskies Internet Cat Videos” will stream live.

“With the Nobel prizes being awarded this week, it really drives home the importance of awards in general. And as prestigious as the Nobel prizes are, I think the Friskies are even more so,” said cat lover and comedian Michael Ian Black, who will host the event.

The show will award $25,000 in total cash prizes and gold-plated Catuette trophies to four category winners and one Fan Favorite that will be voted on in real time.

But in anticipation of the event, Black was reluctant to play favorites himself.

“I like anything where cat meets water,” he said.

Actress Angela Kinsey, who will be presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Internet sensation Grumpy Cat, is more of a retractable electronics fan herself.

“I love cat videos,” she said. “Anything that spits out a tray and a cat bats at it, I love. Having a 5-year-old, you can just watch these videos together and not have to worry. It goes across age groups and genders and cultures and it’s just good fun.”

Black concurred — sort of.

“The most important thing I want people to take away is that it’s easier to embarrass a cat than you think,” he deadpanned. “Everyone thinks cats are so cool and collected, and they are, but it’s really easy to embarrass them and you should feel encouraged to do so.”

Still, neither of the stars said they’ve been able to capture their own pets on video.

“I don’t know if my cat is camera shy or just particularly boring, but mine doesn’t seem to do anything entertaining while we have the camera on,” Black said.

Meanwhile, Kinsey said her rescue cat prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

“Getting to see Otter is like seeing an albino rhinoceros in the wild,” the actress said with a laugh. “It’s such a privilege. She’s very hard to catch on camera because she likes to come out at night and she’s very shy in general.”

Cats like Lil Bub, Snoopybabe and others who have amassed cult followings online clearly don’t suffer from the same sense of modesty. In fact, in anticipation of the event, Black said he expected Grumpy Cat’s presence at the awards show to eclipse his own.

“Well, the thing is that with a true celebrity, you’re going to get upstaged every time,” said the comedian. “If I were asked if I wanted to perform alongside Tom Hanks, I would. But he’s always going to shine. And that’s also the case with Grumpy Cat. He’ll outshine you every time.”

“The Friskies Internet Cat Video Awards” will stream online at 7 p.m. ET Oct. 15 at TheFriskies.com.

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